Selective Hearing


This is your world and this is your time

There's a whole economy in your smile

Dopamine levels label every isle

Welcome boys and girls to you digital life

And every moment you could change your skin

Simplified surgury, reach right in

The ziplock starts beneath the chin

Remember to pull yourself back up again

Cause your polyplastic but your bona fide

Even when you push them peripheral pins inside yuh

Invite me in to read from your skin tight scapula

How is it that you always seem to get the right impression

If you observe my world rendered as an origami crane

Hastily rearranged

Dont get lucky cause everything you do is determined

There aint another way

So just play the game

Just play the game

Just play the game

Just play the game


the television was a perfect metaphor for the muddling shift toward the pluriversal reality: in doing so, reality, repackaged as an audiovisual experience becomes a little more confusable with the documentation of it. and why not? we have long fashioned memes of the lived experience. more than mere trademarked thumbnails resembling our own memories, sequence of self associating images on a roll of film, join our arsenal for articulating the human experience through imitation. now we have arts which spin their yarns right upon the retina, far more intrusive and powerful than a verbal riddle that merely invites a listener to call upon their own stockpile of memories to recreate the details necessary to assimilate what another heard felt and tasted according to them. the string of memories which we once held as proof that we are individuals, now a little less implicitly belonging to us, or defining us. we can always curate our identity and bond over a video of a cat playing piano held dear to the masses. now we are connected also by a stockpile of archetypes, shared memory sequences. i wanna be entertained god damn it. but what of the lunge toward devices to solve our peeves and feuds. i guess the riddles of change now are full of mechanical wit capable of mystically contracting all we long for into a nugget of function, offering a deviation from our behaviour which we can applaud ourselves for change and hope there is some kind of principle to the new reality we take for granted.

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