Live @ Concertgebouw: Olloman Ensemble + Guillermo Martín-Viana

It finally happened, we made our debut performance. May this be a fire that starts many more.

In the last months, I invited 5 talented performers of musical and visual instruments to play together in an ensemble for extended storytelling.

In order to acquire some funding for AV gear, I wanted to enter into a competition to show the world what this strange format show that verges on music performance and postdramatic theatre would look like. In the end our first song reached the final round of the Goodmesh Concours, we had the chance to debut it in Het Concertgebouw.

Stay tuned to this project as we are developing the whole concept album in 2024. I’m personally the most excited about coming back to my communities and honing the storytelling aspects of the show for more intimate podia and theatres in Amsterdam. In the show, I tell a story which meanders between song, spoken word and generative visuals played live by Guillermo Martín-Viana.

In the end we won the API prize awarded by UvA. This has been such an encouraging start to the band and we couldn’t have done it if it weren’t thanks to the help of so many talented and generous friends, also the YAA awards allowed us to rent a studio.

Photography: Melanie Lemahieu From left to right: Shana Raine Browne, Tjalle Galama, Alkistis Missouli, Ivan Gianakis, Guillermo Martín-Viana, Alex Olloman

Photo: Hermien Buyse

This show was a collaboration with visual artist / percussionist Guillermo Martín-Viana whose generative visuals electrified the walls and moved over us like a 10m tall holographic dancer. I want to say it was magical but that would undermine that he basically forged the instrument to improvise with us on.

The ensemble is:

Alkistis Missouli @alkistismisouli ,

Shana Raine Browne @shana.raine ,

Tjalle Galama @cello.trials ,

Ivo Gianakis @ivo_g_

Huge thanks to…

Harry Heyink, my unrelenting mentor form art school who tolerates my big ideas from time to time and lends me his gong for untenably long. Thank you.

Jeroen a gem of a man and wizard bicycle mechanic who lends me his bakfiets (as a form of art subsidy). |

Naomi Collier Broms, who offered so much dedicated work, inspiring conversation and poetic feedback

George Demetriou, for mixing the studio version of the piece in his bedroom. His own composition knowledge turned the production process into so much more than that. Check out his own music here:

Kevin Priollo Williams who was responsible for those creepy gifs that you see around here.

Viivi Salokangas, my friend and trusty costume designer

Sabine Pendry, sang the backing-vocals on the studio mix

Teddy Sicker, for playing violin in the studio mix

Jan Dubielak, for playing violin in our first performance video

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