Here we come Goodmesh 2023

1/10/23 The Olloman Project got into the semi-finals!

photography by Kevin W Priolo

We’ve into the semi-finals of the Goodmesh competition! Theatre maker Naomi Collier Broms will help transform the venue with light scenography and projections. If we pass into the final round of this competition, we will be in the absurd situation where our first gig will be Het Concertgebouw!

The performance is about a universal cyclical nature of life that reflects the cyclical nature of the Moon. The arrangement features both acoustic string trio and electric cello amplified through metal plates. As the story of the song progresses, these sounds of wood and metal exist to transport us between modernity and the ancient city that the story takes place in. Through the timeless medium of the epic poem, I want to open the subject of time, and how stories capture it.

10/9/23 Meet the dramaturge

Naomi Collier Broms is a poet and theatermaakster (she prefers the dutch word) who is helping to make this performance of An Endless Hour an audiovisual spectacle. For troglodytes, like us, collaboration is a necessary cycle, (similar to mating season for birds, only I am gay and Naomi doesn’t believe in birds). Naomi also spends a lot of time in her imagination, and I am so excited to invite a large audience to witness our imaginations collide

On November 1st, we will receive the results. If it turns out we didn’t get it, the alternative would have been the kitchen table.

We share our home with 11 other people. We were the quiet ones. Our imaginations met when we discovered a shared fixation on 13th century troubadour poets. Stacks of books grew, as we left our ideas by the other’s bedroom door. More and more, we encouraged the others writing, we spend a lot of time together talking, about voice itself, this thing that once perplexed us. We were the quiet ones but now it seems there is too much to say and to sing.

This wednesday we begin light experiments in and rehearsing in a mysterious old surgical theatre (fingers crossed we will get permission to film the final performance video there too). Stay tuned through the newsletter also to see this video later.


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