Goodmesh Competition: The Olloman Ensemble reached the final round!

Here is the ticket page:

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Its been a year since I dragged my teacher’s gong up 5 stories to my bedroom and produced a sketchy demo of a concept album. 2 months since pulling The Olloman Ensemble together, we’ve had our first mix produced by George Demetriou (above), and the band has made it through to the finals of the Goodmesh Competition. We have been working so hard and I’m thrilled to share the insane privilege of making our debut at Het Concertgebouw with the 4 other finalists.

The new arrangment features strings, hand pan, gong, and me telling a tale that meanders between spoken word and song. You will be immersed in live generated visuals by Guillermo Martín Viana All of this can only be experienced live! at Het Concertgebouw on 27th November 19:30.

Goodmesh Finale concert:

olloman ensemble.jpg

In “An Endless Hour” by the Olloman Ensemble, Alex Olloman and Guillermo Martín-Viana merge music and visuals, exploring the concept of time’s cycles. Their performance features live generative video projections, creating an abstract narrative of time. This interdisciplinary project seeks to revive the epic ballad, in a culture obsessed with quick-releases. “If a song is any kind of reflection, then it will take more than a mere sequin to reflect modern society’s diverse and conflicting narratives.”

Here is the list of finalists

The Olloman Ensemble

Alex Olloman – Singer Songwriter / Arranger
ig: @alex_olloman
Guillermo Martín Viana – Live visuals

Ivan Gianakis – Hand pan and Bendir

Jan Dubielak – Violin

Alkistis Missouli – Viola

Tjalle Galama – Cello

The Community:

What you will see on the 27th would not have been possible without the community of talented friends from the SUP broedplaats who pitched in with their time and generous feedback, audio and videography, and photography skills, Harry Heyink, my mentor who once lent me a gong, and the YAA awards which helped me to fund a lot of this project. Thank you all for your support, I feel so much love for this community which has come around me and helped to make this happen.

How it began

How do you wind up having a nickname like “perfumed scorpion”?
Ask noise artist, Xhrs Galarreta. He organises the Melismas Residency in Demre Turkey.

It all began with a metal tray. Shout out to Sajjra, experimental noise artist who invited me to his residency in Turkey a year ago and where I started writing the lyrics of this story you will hear at the show. On the residency the days were divided into 5 pivotal moments, (the islamic call to prayer). we would walk through the mountains, to hear how the change of location would totally change the characteristics of the prayers’ echoes. I thought a lot about “Time” on these walks, and I have been walking with this theme on my brow ever since which has led to the writing of a new concept album. An Endless Hour is the opening songs of this album

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