Grote Glazen Kleine Lettertjes

Thank you skèr for organising *grote glazen en kleine lettertjes* we need more nights like this in amsterdam, so warm and open to experimentation. there is a voku dinner (volks keuken) and a cozy community vibe with people of all ages.

one of the organisers is rots (ig: @upperkutje), a poet who used to go to my old art school. she told me that the point of this event was to keep alive the experimental spirit that art school facilitated. its an evening mostly geared to spoken word and poetry but if you are looking for a place to try out other kinds of performance art or music performance, see this event as an open mic that is warmly welcomes your freakish unfinished works. so long as you are not eclipsing the acoustic vibe of the line-up too much with amplifiers (admittedly i did, but this was fine in the end) you’ll be welcomed to the stage.

some other performances that left an impression was filmmaker joanna velu (ig: @joanna_velu) who made a super intimate reading from her private poetry

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